Dec 042012

Situated in Wootton, Northampton, this is actually three decks, built on a sloping site (both left to right and also front to back) so they are raised at the front but also split level to keep them as low as possible.

The decks were built in an established garden. That is to say, the paving, posts and plants were already there. The requirements were to provide more usable flat areas and reduce the amount of lawn.

Deck Features (click to see others with this feature):

  • Large Wooden Decks
  • Split Level Wood Decks
  • Decks on Sloping Sites
  • Decks around hot tubs and pools

    One view looking across the garden



    Because of the sheer size, it was difficult to fit it all into a single picture. The next picture is actually a panorama shot made by “stitching” several images together. Notice the existing Japanese Acer that was incorporated into the middle deck area, and the hot tub that was incorporated in part, into the left hand area.



    A different view showing part of the garden before work commenced.


    This shows part of the frame from a different angle. The deck was designed to incorporate the existing hot tub and to accommodate existing planting. Notice the use of weed suppression fabric laid underneath the frame to prevent any future plant growth.



    This picture of the underside of the frame, taken from close to the hot tub, shows in detail, the substantial framing and supports. I often think it is a pity that all this work is hidden in the end result.



    Another picture showing the finished framing for the entire area. Notice the pile of deck planking, ready to be fitted, on the right.



    Part of the deck detail showing how the curved hot tub was incorporated. Notice how the sides are also clad with decking timber to hide the frame beneath. The lower boards have been shaped to suit the contour of the lawn



    A view looking across the garden from the hot tub. Notice how the edging boards are mitred at the corners. This picture again, shows how the shape of the deck can be made to fit around existing planting and also how trees and shrubs can be incorporated into the deck if desired.



    Finally, although difficult to capture properly, this shows the LED lighting at night.


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