Jan 192013

This is an interesting deck in that it has many features. It is a large “L” shaped deck, built on a sloping site, is split level and has balustrading all around.

The deck is situated in my home village of Denton, Northamapton.

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  • This deck is quite photogenic as the planting is nicely established. The balustrading was only needed in parts  for safety reasons, but was fitted all the way round for the aesthetic appearance.



    From this angle, you can see the two different levels more distinctly. The site sloped from the top left-hand corner, as seen here, to the bottom right. If the deck had continued across at the upper level, then it would have been too high at the right hand side. There is a slight fall from top left to bottom right for drainage.



    This is the site at the beginning. There is an old compost heap in the background. The old rotten fence was later removed.



    At this stage, the site had been cleared and most of the support posts fitted. These were set into steel post supports, which were set into concrete. A laser level was used to mark and trim the supports to the correct height. You can also see the fabric used to prevent any weed growth.


    Taken from the rear corner, this shows part of the completed framework.



    This shows an example of the joint detail. Notice how the support posts have been “notched” and the bearers then bolted through.



    From yet another angle, this shows the finished decking and some of the Newel posts which were “notched” and bolted to the main frame.


    Finally, a close up showing part of the rail detail and how the change between different levels was dealt with.


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