Jan 202013

This is the display I built for “Wooden Supplies”, formerly HFS Timber (Harlestone Firs Sawmill). It is a bit of a “mishmash” but it was designed to show people what is possible and to give some ideas.

This deck was originally sited at the rear of the premises and has recently been removed to make way for more storage space. I have subsequently built another deck for them to display their latest range of products and this situated at the front of the premises.

Deck Features (click to see others with this feature):

  • Large Wooden Decks
  • Split Level Wood Decks
  • Raised Decks
  • Decks with Handrails
  • Decks with steps
  • Decks with special features

    This is the finished deck, which you may have seen before. The brief was to build a large deck, with as many features as possible, to give people ideas as to what could be done and to display as many different products as possible. On this deck you will see that there are both round and square Newel posts and spindles. The actual decking has been laid in many different directions as well as “upside down”. It is raised, split level and incorporates various steps and a hatch for access to a septic tank.



    This shows part of the frame and the start of some of the decking. The posts on the right form an integral part of the frame supports but are also extended to take fence panels. In the centre of the picture, laid on the frame, you can see a support post which has been notched out ready for fitting and bolting through.



    This shows how the frame and supports are jointed. Notice how the bearers are fitted into the notched support and then bolted through.



    This picture was taken from the corner before someone decided to cover this part with a “summerhouse”. Note how the decking is laid in different directions on each level. There is no special reason for this other than to show that it can be done for aesthetic effect. The deck has a slight fall from front to back so it will drain equally well with the planks in either direction.



    Here you can see an area where the deck planking is laid “smooth side up”. It is arguably easier to clean, but personally, I think it would be too slippery when wet. You can also see the hatch cover over the septic tank, which rather than hide, we made into a sort of feature.



    In case you haven’t seen it before, this was the site when work commenced. Note that the ground is “rock hard” because it has had timber stacked on it and vehicles driven over it for generations, and would be very difficult to dig. For this reason, these posts are not set in the ground at all. However, because they would have to support fence panels, a “double frame” was built to support the posts, both at deck height and at ground level.

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