Jan 202013

The brief here was for a decked area to be built around the existing conservatory, with steps down linking it to a second deck to be built over an existing “sunken” paved area.

The deck is situated in Denton. It needed to be “child friendly” for when grand children came to visit, so handrails were necessary for reasons of safety as well as aesthetics.

Deck Features (click to see others with this feature):

  • Large Wooden Decks
  • Split Level Wood Decks
  • Decks on Sloping Sites
  • Decks with Handrails
  • Decks with steps

    This picture tells only half the story as the second “sunken” deck cannot be seen from this angle.



    This is part of site at the start.



    This is “sunken” patio area which is to be “decked” and linked to the main, upper, level.



    The lower framework has been almost completed and the upper framework well under way.  As usual, the site was treated with “Roundup” to kill any plant growth and covered in landscaping fabric to suppress any further weed growth beneath the deck.



    Here you can see the framing for the lower decked area. It was raised up slightly to reduce the number of steps between the two sections. Landscaping fabric was also used here. Even though the area was paved, weeds can still grow up between the cracks. Notice also that the old retaining walls will be covered with decking. We also made use of the space beneath the frame to dispose of the rubble from the old conservatory steps which were demolished.



    Taken from the top, looking down into the sunken area. Much of the planking has been fitted but not the Newel posts and hand rails. Also notice how the planking on the lower deck is changing colour compared to the upper deck which is still wet from the tanalisng process. Marvellous what a bit of sunshine can do!



    Taken from the other direction, this shows the steps under construction and the gap under the frame which is yet to be covered. Notice how the planking was laid in different directions on each level (purely for aesthetic reasons).



    This shows how the decking was fitted around the conservatory and also the new step. It is difficult to tell from this picture but there is a gap of a few millimetres between the deck planks and the walls to prevent any possibility of damp ingress. Of course, there is also a slight fall away from the house for drainage. Because the deck is raised due to the slope of the site, there is now only a single step down from the door.



    This picture shows how the deck was “wrapped” around the side of the conservatory. Also, notice the cut-outs which were made to accommodate climbing plants by the fence.



    The finished deck from yet another angle, showing most of the lower area and steps. The border between the two levels will be planted. Although none of these pictures show it (unless you look very closely), there are about thirty LED light fittings fitted around the edges and in the front faces of all the steps. Again, I never got to see it lit up at night.
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