Testimonials from customers


My previous customers are the most important people to listen to when considering whether to use me for your decking project. After all, they know exactly what I can deliver.

Read below for some of their testimonials and comments. I could add many more, but this web site is constructed in such a way that I can only include testimonials from people whose decking project I have chosen to show in the portfolio. That way I can demonstrate that these are real people, that I have built decks for, and not just some fictitious comments that I have dreamed up.You can both see the work and read what the customer had to say about it.

Hi Ian,

Just a note to thank you, you really are a craftsman and affordable at that. The standard of your work is quite simply outstanding, when I refer others to you they will need no words from me just a picture of the finished article. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs a decking project.

Kind Regards

- Tim Harvey, JP, CFE

Hi Ian,

Just want to say I'm thrilled with what you have done so far. it's just what I wanted and more......I rush home every night to check on progress. I can't believe how perfect it is, I love it!!

Have a great weekend, you deserve it, and see you Monday.

- Lisa

We selected Ian Pegg Decking after seeing Ian's designs on the website and meeting with him in person. From the website, we could tell that he had crafted everything from a regular deck to more challenging projects and we knew that ours would be a challenge both in design and build. Ian met with us and understood what we were trying to achieve. I had already committed to doing some of the 'building works' to manage our costs and Ian stayed close to these works to ensure that we were in sync with the approach and the end result.

Our deck design was more aesthetic than practical! So Ian re-worked it to keep the overall design idea but make it practical from a construction perspective. We communicated all the way through the project which lasted about five weeks. Ian is very flexible! So our design changes 'on the fly' to change the walkway design and position of the steps were rolled into the plan and, as Ian puts it, like all projects, it evolved!

The end result is more than we had hoped for - we are delighted with the deck and enjoyed meeting and working with Ian. A superb craftsman, who sets a high standard and delivers at a very fair price. Highly recommended!

- Paul and Elizabeth

We had a fairly out of the ordinary idea of what we wanted but had no idea if it was possible. Ian took our scribbles and translated them into a structure that didn't only meet our plan but also steered us to the best quality materials. Additionaly, we were given advice on after care to ensure longevity of the deck. Service is second to none and we feel fortunate to have found Ian to build our deck. He genuinely takes pride in his work and have no problem recommending him.

- Sean and Debbi

I rushed down in my heels, covered them in mud, and was THRILLED with the steps. We were saying to each other we are just so amazed at your cutting in. I'm over the moon with the whole area, I love it even more than last week.

The steps are better than I imagined them to be, and to be honest it's rare things are better than I imagine.

See you Monday Ian and Thanks again.

- Lisa

From his initial, very comprehensive paperwork, right through to the end product Ian produced a first class job, to a very high specification.

He was always willing to incorporate changes whilst endeavouring to keep within our budget. He was quite prepared to let the project evolve as work progressed, which created an excellent customer/provider relationship.

I would certainly recommend Ian to anyone requiring decking to be constructed, however small, large or complex. Prospective customers are more than welcome to view our two tier decking which includes features such as steps, balustrading and old patio walls masked with decking to provide seating.

- Phil and Christine

We were looking for a very large decking area to be installed in our garden for parties, so we got several quotes to start and met some interesting characters from other decking companies, who we felt very uneasy about, and then Ian from P.E.G. Services turned up to our joy! He was very professional from our first meeting until the end, he was not the cheapest but we didn't want cheap. He talked about the different materials he would be using to make our deck and also the time scale involved to do the work. This time scale was more realistic as he quoted us 5 weeks, and the other companies said it would take a week! I knew a week was not long enough to do the job correctly and the deck would not be standing after a year or so. Also the other companies wanted to use cheaper wood and this was the main reason for being more expensive as Ian was not happy to use cheaper wood to keep the price down, so we agreed with his recommendations which in the end were 100% the correct choice.

With reference to the design I must say we didn’t really have one, so we just gave him a rough sketch on a piece of paper and he was able to give a 100% accurate quote. Once agreed, we let him start building the deck and as a result of letting him get on with it ended up with a much better deck than we ever expected. You will find that a deck evolves as it is being built and it is nice to say “that’s too high and can I have it like this” and we did this a couple of times and he didn't moan once,

If I needed to sum Ian at P.E.G. Services up, I would say that you get what you pay for in this world and Ian is an example of this. I'm quite hard to please and I could not find fault with the craftsmanship, and would recommend him to friends and family knowing he is going to do a good job for a good price using high quality products.

Myself and my family would like to thank you Ian for doing an excellent job of our decking which is an extension to our home and gives us lots of fun in the summer.

- Matt and Laura

Our family were spending almost all our free time in the garden just keeping the lawn cut and neat so we decided on a small deck, now we have a huge one, completely covering our lawn, and what a great decision that was! Ian came along explained the solid supporting structure needed underneath, gave us a written quote and an estimated start and completion date. He then began on a sunny day but then it rained almost constantly but he still finished on time, on budget, with no fuss and no hassle for us - but wet through for him, poor chap!

It’s a really excellent piece of quality craftsmanship and he has the photos to prove it – we’re the envy of visitors and it’s all at a very reasonable price.

Now 3 years later we just wish we had one built before as it’s given us hours and hours more time to relax in the garden in those precious hours of sunlight – what price can you put on that? The real bonus is we don’t have to rush home to mow the lawn or wait for it to dry out. Also, even when it’s been raining the deck dries far quicker than grass, so we can sit and enjoy it immediately, rather than turning the lawn into a sea of mud! It’s perfect for wheelchair use too. We’ve had Ian back numerous times to do extra jobs for us, as he’s completely trustworthy.

Highly recommended!

- Phil and Sheena

Ian is a consummate craftsman and takes pride in every detail of the spaces he transforms for our enjoyment. He will only put his name to the best work and that is the result that you get, the Best! But not at the prices that you fear you need to pay. Ian managed to make sense of our wooden pegs and string that we had mapped out and improved our idea leaving us with a back yard we can enjoy to the max.

We can even upgrade when we want as Ian re-enforced a section of the decking for the hot-tub that will be added in the future. The process was not as disruptive as I thought it would be and Ian also kept our dog Wizz company in the time it took him to build our decking, even though Wizz thought it was him keeping Ian company.

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for more as Ian transforms ideas in to reality for the enjoyment of everyone.

- Cat and Neil

I found the whole process from start to finish completely painless. Ian was very clear in describing what and how my requirements were to be met. He was prepared to tell me if any of my ideas were good and, more importantly, not so good. The work was undertaken as scheduled and finished on time. The site was left clear and clean. Ian left instructions regarding the care and maintenance of the decking.

Altogether a first rate job and I would recommend his work to anyone.

- Eric

I was really impressed with the level of committment that Mr Pegg demonstrated towards our decking job. He suggested a design which proved to be just great. He worked very hard throughout the job, and we've been delighted with the finished job ever since. I really do recommend this guy

- Rob and Anita

We had an existing, very 70's crazy paving patio which was so bad it was virtually unusable. With Ian's considerable help we now have a wonderful area to enjoy our gin and tonics. He put forward some very good ideas that we would never have thought of and then very professionally built an unusual shaped decking to completely cover the existing eyesore.

- Lyn and Ron

Staff, parents and most importantly the children were delighted with our outdoor seating area. Designed and constructed by Ian it provides an outdoor classroom area, a place for children of different ages to mix socially at break times or a picnic spot if the weather allows.

Ian’s design incorporates seating heights to suit the whole primary age range. It is Ian’s attention to detail and the quality of the finish that would make me happy to use his services again.

- David (Headteacher)