Split Level Wood Decks


These wooden decks have all been built as split level.

The usual reason for having a deck on split levels, is where the site slopes. If the decking is built all on the same level, it can lead to it being too high in part. Another reason for split level decking, is to divide the space into clearly defined areas. The downside to doing this is that one loses some flexibility on where tables and seating can be placed. It is of course, purely a matter of personal choice.

large-raised-deck-wellingboroughLarge Raised Decking Project for Paul and Elizabeth

This was another large and somewhat unusual project situated in Great Doddington near Wellingborough. The customer had an existing raised patio built on four supporting walls to create storage areas beneath. The original patio paving was “tired”, the handrail was […]

002-main-wootton-large-deckingWooden Decking for David and Kay – Wootton

Situated in Wootton, Northampton, this is actually three decks, built on a sloping site (both left to right and also front to back) so they are raised at the front but also split level to keep them as low as […]

display-deck-wooden-suppliesNew Deck Display for Wooden Supplies

This is the second deck display that I have built for Wooden Supplies in Harlestone, Northampton.  It was designed by them with the objective of displaying the range of “Q-Deck” decking boards which they supply. The original deck display was […]

large-deck-with-handrailsSplit Level Deck for Dave and Joanne

This large, split level deck in Upton is around 70 square metres, and was built on different levels to give individual defined areas. The deck incorporates LED lighting, handrails and features a discreet hatch to give access to a grey […]

split-level-deck-northamptonWood Decking with Handrails for Steve and Maxine

This is an interesting deck in that it has many features. It is a large “L” shaped deck, built on a sloping site, is split level and has balustrading all around. The deck is situated in my home village of […]

deck-with-water-featureDeck with Water Feature for Mark and Abi

It is difficult to know where to start in describing this deck as it incorporates so many features. It was built in Billing, partly over an existing paved area, and partly over lawn. The lower section finishes flush with the […]

decking-mawsley-villageLarge Raised Deck with Handrails for Matt and Laura

This was an ideal site for decking because of the sloping nature of the garden.     This is one view of the finished decking taken from the upper level. The total area of decking was about 65 square metres […]

decking-rushdenDecking and Raised beds for Sean and Debbi

This deck, situated in Wellingborough, was on a slight slope but in a very sunny part of the garden. Raised beds were added at the side for growing a few fresh vegetables and herbs.     This is the site […]

deck-displayTimber Decking Display for Wooden Supplies

This is the display I built for “Wooden Supplies”, formerly HFS Timber (Harlestone Firs Sawmill). It is a bit of a “mishmash” but it was designed to show people what is possible and to give some ideas. This deck was […]

decking-mawsleySmall Timber Deck for Duncan and Tracy

In this case, the detached garage had been converted into offices. The requirement for this Mawsley based business, was to build a deck, which would make access from the house to the offices easier and avoid the need to walk […]

garden-decking-dentonTimber Decking around Conservatory for Phil and Christine

The brief here was for a decked area to be built around the existing conservatory, with steps down linking it to a second deck to be built over an existing “sunken” paved area. The deck is situated in Denton. It […]

deck-at-billingGarden Decking for Chris and Thui

This large garden deck, situated in Billing, was built on a sloping site and incorporates LED lighting around the edges, by each Newel post and also on the front faces of the steps.   The deck was built as a […]

split-level-deckSplit Level Decking for Lynn and Ron

This deck was built to cover a very tired old patio made from “crazy paving”. It was probably a more cost effective solution than removing and disposing of all the old broken slabs and then replacing them with new.   […]


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