Jan 182013

This large, split level deck in Upton is around 70 square metres, and was built on different levels to give individual defined areas.

The deck incorporates LED lighting, handrails and features a discreet hatch to give access to a grey water tank. Can you spot the hatch from this picture? The handrail is not necessary from a safety point of view, because of the fence but was included for it’s aesthetic effect.

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    This is an example of how to retain access to services (in this a grey water tank with filters which need cleaning every few months) without it needing to look unsightly. Notice also the LED lights set into the border planks , one of which is set into the hatch cover.


    Hatch Closed


    Hatch Open



    This is another “panorama” picture made by “stitching” two or more pictures together to get the whole thing in one. Notice the step detail and how this was so designed as to make the top edge of the deck level with the door sill.



    As with every deck, the whole is supported on a substantial frame, which takes two thirds of the time and accounts for two thirds of the cost. It is a shame it gets covered up really! This frame was designed to give a slight fall away from the house and also, away from the fence, for drainage.



    Finally, this picture shows some planters, which were made from the same decking timber. As you can see, the garden is just bare earth so they don’t look their best here but maybe you get the idea. Each one is about 2 metres long so they are quite large.


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