Jan 192013
garden-deck-west haddon

This is a small deck situated in West Haddon. It is just over 20 square metres, built on a site, which sloped in two directions. The handrail was already in place and the deck was built around this.

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    garden-deck-west haddon


    Another view which shows how the existing handrail was incorporated. The picture may look a little odd because it is actually made from two different pictures which have been “stitched” together in order to show the whole thing (the brickwork at the back doesn’t really slope like this. Notice that the garden wall to the right is actually curved and the deck was built to suit. Also notice how the front faces of the step have been contoured to suit the shape of the ground. It is not very clear from these web images but the deck incorporates blue LED lighting which, in the customers words, “looks awesome” at night.



    This is another “panoramic” shot made from two separate pictures in order to get it all in one image. The frame is not really “kinked” but notice the curved garden wall. You can also see how the deck is raised higher around the existing hand rail, to provide a single, flat area. Also notice the use of weed suppression fabric again. The majority of the frame is made from 100mm x 50mm timber but the edges near the handrail are built using 150mm x 50mm. This was to give a better support for Newel posts if the customer decides to change the handrail for something more substantial and/or decorative at some time in the future.



    Finally a picture showing the site before work commenced.


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