Jan 212013

This small deck was built in Northampton, and part of it was built around a hot tub.


Deck Features (click to see others with this feature):

  • Small Wooden Decks
  • Decks around hot tubs and pools

    The thing with hot tubs is that one has to make it easy to access the drain and electrics. In this case, full width steps were incorporated, but access to the drain and pump is attained simply by sliding these steps forward. You can see hand holes in the side of the steps, to making moving them easier. The decking is actually hollow underneath. Should the side panels need to be removed, then it is simply a matter of unscrewing one deck plank.



    Here is the site near the beginning of the project.



    This picture shows the finished deck from the same angle. The tub is close to the fence so the deck doesn’t extend around the side or back. The deck also has LED lights, supplied by the customer but installed by me.

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