Jan 192013

This is a large deck on a very steeply sloping site and incorporates balustrading for safety reasons.


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  • The rear of the deck is as low as possible to the garden soil so you can see how far the front edge needed to be raised to make it level. The brick steps were already in place but notice the additional step built into the deck. Also, note the tree, which was already there, and how this has been made into a feature.



    From this angle you can begin to appreciate how steeply the garden sloped upwards, and how necessary the balustrading was.



    This picture shows the work in progress and from this you can see the main support posts which were set into substantial concrete footings. You can also see part of the frame detail and the fabric used to eliminate weed growth under the deck.



    This picture, showing the frame being constructed, shows the problem the owners were faced with, in terms of what to do with this part of the garden. Hopefully, the above pictures of the finished thing show how decking can be used to create a useful space from a problem site, without having to move large volumes of soil and/or build substantial retaining walls.


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