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The brief here was to build raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables. It is a slightly different use of decking timber.

They are situated at Wilby, near Wellingborough.

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    Of course, there are many ways of building raised beds. Railway sleepers are one way but they have to be new, untreated sleepers. These tend to be expensive as well as quite “chunky”. Another option is to use gravel boards fixed to stakes. In this case, I used thicker, 32mm thick decking timber which, although a bit more expensive is more attractive. You can see from these pictures that I also lined the insides with DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) which should further increase their life. From this angle, you can see how the beds were stepped in height to compensate for the slightly sloping site.



    The planks were screwed to posts which were set into concrete. From this angle, you can see the long bed which runs along the fence. The tall posts are for securing netting to form a fruit cage.



    This is how the customer and I decided on how best to lay out the beds. You can see the fruit cage posts which have been fixed to steel supports, ready to be concreted in.

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