Wooden Decking Portfolio


For every wooden deck I endeavour to take photographs, from the beginning and throughout the course of construction to the finished deck.

Here you will find a number of these decking pictures and descriptions. To make it easier to navigate, decks are divided into categories, for example, “Large decks”, “Small Decks” etc. Of course some decks may appear in one or more of these categories. For example a deck which is built on a “Sloping site”, has “Handrails” and is “Raised”, will appear in all three of those categories.

The decks in this portfolio are not just the biggest and best ones that I have ever built. Rather, they are a cross section of all sizes and shapes.

Please take time to explore this part of the site as, hopefully, it will provide a clear understanding of the construction process and may also give some inspiration if you are considering having a wooden deck built.

I have built very many more decks than are in this portfolio section, so If you just want to look at finished pictures, then visit my Gallery page which contains an image of every deck I have built to date.

Large Wooden Decks - These are all wooden decks exceeding about 35 square metres in area.
Small Wooden Decks - These are all wood decks below about 35 square metres in area.
Split Level Wood Decks - Wooden decks with multiple levels offerring versatility
Decks on Sloping Sites - Overcoming sites that slope
Decks around hot tubs and pools - As the title suggests, these are all decks built around or incorporating hot tubs or swimming pools (as opposed to purely decorative water features)
Raised Decks - Decks raised, for a specific purpose or to suit site conditions such as slopes
Decks with Handrails - Decks which include handrails either for aesthetic or safety reasons
Decks with steps - Decks which have more than one single step.
Decks with special features - For example, access hatches, hot tubs, pergolas, water features, and existing flora
Other decking like projects - Not actual garden decks but structures built using the same techniques and materials.