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This was another large and somewhat unusual project situated in Great Doddington near Wellingborough. The customer had an existing raised patio built on four supporting walls to create storage areas beneath.

The original patio paving was “tired”, the handrail was unsafe and there was limited access from this area down to the garden. The brief was to build a deck which would retain some storage underneath for garden tools etc. The deck had to incorporate a handrail for safety but without restricting the view and had to have good access down to the garden.

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  • Raised Decks
  • Decks with Handrails
  • Decks with steps



    Due to the size and complexity, I have decided to show this as a series of pictures from each of two different angles. This next picture shows the start when work commenced. The original brick walls had been reduced and the paving from the top removed. “Doorways” had been cut through two of the walls.



    The concrete lintels forming the upper surface were first covered with two layers of damp proof membrane to keep the underneath storage spaces reasonably dry. Then the framing commenced. You can see some of the large amount of timber needed.



    More of the framing which will ultimately be a flight of steps down to a raised one metre wide walkway. You can also see some of the “ribbed” posts which were chosen in preference to Newel posts for the hand rails. These have been both notched and screwed to the main outer frame.



    At this point, much of the deck planking has been fitted as well as wiring for the LED lighting although this is not apparent from this picture. Also, the construction of steps down to the garden is well under way and more of the “ribbed” posts have been fitted.



    Taking shape nicely now. The handrails were a combination of plain spindles and iron panels with raised bottom rails. By having the steps down to the raised walkway, the view from the upper level is not obscured by the balustrading along the front.



    The finished deck as seen from this angle. You will have to just believe me when I say that the view from above is spectacular, overlooking a large garden and a section of the Nene valley. The customer may fit a door on the opening to the storage areas beneath.



    Now back to the start but as seen from another angle.



    The upper framework well on the way. There is a slight fall away from the house for drainage and a gap between the house wall and frame, negating any possibility of damp ingress.



    The top planking has been cut and fixed and the framing for the steps which continue around the front is well under way. In this case, the planking was laid in line with the frame, at right angles to the house wall, so that the grooves tend to draw the eye towards the view.



    The steps more or less complete and the “walkway” under construction. Notice the weed suppression fabric laid beneath. Not visible in the pictures but tiny LEDs (15 mm fittings) were fitted in the front faces of the steps. At the time of adding this deck to the web site, I’ve not seen it at night.



    Almost finished. Notice how the deck planking is laid in the same direction on the steps as on the top. This involved cutting and fitting a few hundred separate, short pieces. Laying the planks along the steps would have been far easier but I think you will agree that this is much more pleasant on the eye. Also, notice how the colour of the decking changes as it dries and loses the “greenish” hue caused by the residue from the tanalising process.



    The finished deck from this angle. Somewhat different from where we started.

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