Jan 202013

This was an ideal site for decking because of the sloping nature of the garden.


Deck Features (click to see others with this feature):

  • Large Wooden Decks
  • Split Level Wood Decks
  • Decks on Sloping Sites
  • Raised Decks
  • Decks with Handrails
  • Decks with steps

    This is one view of the finished decking taken from the upper level. The total area of decking was about 65 square metres and difficult to fit into a single picture. From here, you can see the hand rails which were necessary because of the height, and also some of the LED light fittings around the edges.



    This is another view. The deck was only just finished and as with a lot of these pictures, the timber still has a pale “greeny” appearance which is due to the pressure treatment. This will quickly fade after a few sunny days and the timber will then become an attractive golden “honey” colour. The water feature was part of the original garden but the new deck was built with a hole to accommodate it. Notice also how the lower level is flush with the patio doorstep so that you can walk straight out onto it.



    This is a view of the garden, taken just as work commenced.



    This picture was taken more or less from the same spot. Here you can see the upper deck frame has been completed and the deck planking laid. You can also see some of the supports which were set into concrete. Also, at this point in time, the lower frame is completed. As with all my decks, this was built using pressure treated, stress graded timber, fixed with stainless steel screws.



    The next picture was taken at the same time as the picture above. This is before the steps were built.



    And here are the finished steps. The customer wanted a long, gentle flight, rather than a sharp incline. Notice the handrail. The Newel posts are dead vertical, it’s just the camera angle which makes them look odd. Also, notice how the gap between the steps and fence has been covered so that nothing can be accidently dropped and lost. The front edge of each step has 4 pin point LED fittings but they are so small that you can’t see them in this picture. I hope to go back one evening and get some pictures at night with the LEDs all on.

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