Jan 222013

This is following on from “Frank”, a very large deck which I have posted elsewhere.

You can visit “Frank” here.

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  • Decks around hot tubs and pools

    As you can see, this was a raised deck and I had to find a way to build the deck around the hot tub, in such a way as to provide easy access to the front panel and services, and reasonable access to all the other panels and hinges.

    So, this is the hot tub with the decking around it and the “cladding” in place. The cutouts in the front section are to again access to the clips which hold the top in the closed position. With most tubs, all of the servicing can be carried out via the removal of the front panel.



    Before we deal with the front, lets look at the sides and back of the tub. These don’t need regular access so what I have done here is build a sort of double frame. The main deck finishes some way away from the tub, then the gap is filled with short pieces of decking. Should it be necessary to change a hinge, then it is simply a matter of unscrewing a few short pieces of decking to gain access. The worst case scenario would be to replace a complete side, in which case it would be a matter of unscrewing more of these short lengths. The rear of the hot tub is completely exposed, as the top has to fold down into this hole when open.



    This is how it looks with all the side pieces in place and the sides of the hole “clad” with decking timber. In this picture,  the “cladding” to hide the rest of the hot tub sides is not in place. ….



    ………. and here is why. It is made as one piece and simply slides forward.



    So it looks like this from the side……….



    ……….which reveals another little secret. The sections at the front of the deck are made from short pieces of decking similar to the sides, but in this case, they are made into hatches which simply lift up. From here it is possible to access the drain. However, it may be necessary to remove the front cover completely…………



    ……..in which case, you have to simply lift out the bearer which supports the rear of the hatches. This is simply slotted in and supported on posts at each end. Now there is  full access to the fixings for the front panel of the tub, which can be completely removed in order to carry out any maintenance which may be necessary. No tools, not even a screwdriver, are needed.



    And finally, here it is all back together.

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