Jan 202013

This large garden deck, situated in Billing, was built on a sloping site and incorporates LED lighting around the edges, by each Newel post and also on the front faces of the steps.

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  • Large Wooden Decks
  • Split Level Wood Decks
  • Decks on Sloping Sites
  • Decks with Handrails

    The deck was built as a split-level to compensate for the slope of the site whilst maintaining two useable areas. The handrails were added for purely aesthetic reasons.



    This deck was built in December so everything is a bit wet and muddy. It will look much better when the timber has dried and the greenish residue from the tanalising process has disappeared. Notice how the planking has been laid in different directions on each deck level. The next picture shows the site before work commenced.



    Here you can see most of framework has been completed. The deck is constructed as a split level which is one way to deal with a sloping site. Notice the weed suppression fabric which I always fit to prevent any weed growth from coming up through the deck. The whole area was sprayed with “Roundup” prior to work commencing.



    This picture shows the planking in progress and you can see how the planks have been fitted at 45 degrees to the framework. As ever, all the planks are fully screwed. You can also see some of the Newel posts which have been “notched” and screwed to the main frame. This will form part of the handrails which were added, mostly, for aesthetic reasons, rather than saftey.   What isn’t obvious, is that LED lights have been fitted, as work progressed, next to each Newel post and along the fence, directly opposite and accross the end.

    This picture shows the finished deck from the other end. If you look closely, you can see the LEDs lit although it was daylight, so they don’t show up very well.




    Finally, a picture showing details of the handrails. Notice how the bottom rail is raised. This is something I have started to do lately. Although it involves a bit more work, it makes it easier to sweep any leaves or debris off the deck and also, in my opinion, looks better. You’ll also notice that there are no visible brackets or fixings on this balutsrading.


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