Jan 202013

This deck in Grange Park, was built at the end of the garden to create a useable space for a table and chairs on an otherwise sloping lawn. This part of the garden gets the full sun later in the day.

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  • Decks on Sloping Sites

    The area at the end of the brick built garage was originally quite low and simply covered in gravel. The decking was built such that it is all on one level, with the intention of using the smaller part for a barbecue.



    I forgot to take a picture of the site before work commenced. This next picture shows the framework completed, ready for the deck planking. You can see the supports which were needed to raise the deck in order to compensate for the slope of the site. You can also see the weed suppression fabric which has been laid to prevent grass and other weeds from growing up through the deck. There is a slight fall (slope) away from the garage for drainage.


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