Deck Pictures Gallery


Here is where you will find pictures of almost every deck I have built, not just the ones I selected to show in more detail on the Decking Portfolio page.

I will try to keep this section updated and add a picture of every new deck when I build them. As you can see, there are a lot of decks, of all shapes and sizes. So if you are thinking of having a deck built, or are looking for inspiration for deck designs, the chancesĀ  are high that you will find a picture of “one that I made earlier”, on this page. To view a selection of decks in more detail, and see how they were built, visit the Portfolio page here.

In “Show as Picture List”, click on a thumbnail to see a bigger image. Use the forward and back arrows to see the next image. Click on the large image to close and return to the thumbnails.

In “Show as Slide View”, the images will update automatically after a few seconds. Click on any image to go straight to the next one.