What about composite decking – can you supply and fit this?


I no longer fit composite decking. The main advantage of composite is that it will retain it’s colour without further treatment, whereas any timber, hardwood or softwood will eventually go a “silver grey” colour unless it is occasionally treated (I recommend a coat of decking oil once a year for softwood). The disadvantages (and these are my personal views), are that it is inherently weaker than timber and needs more support. BeingĀ  hollow, it does not lend itself to be being cut around obstacles like drain pipes nor at an angle to the deck frame. It is almost impossible to cut and fix small pieces as may be necessary in the corners of irregular shaped decks. It still has to be fixed to a timber frame so the finished deck won’t be any more durable. It is usually fixed with clips in such a way that it is impossible to replace a damaged plank without removing all the planks from the edge of the deck up to the one that needs replacing. Finally, like hardwood it is about 4 times more expensive.

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