Can you supply and fit hardwood decking?


Yes (but are you sure you want it). To expand on that, it really makes no difference to me as I earn my living from the labour content of building decks. However, I do want my customers to be happy with the end result. Strictly, by definition, Balsa wood comes from deciduous trees so it is a hardwood. However, assuming that we are not talking about the dictionary definition, hardwood is more durable than untreated softwood. However, it is not necessarily more durable than tanalised (pressure treated) softwood. The decking I use is usually Scandinavian Redwood and is guaranteed for 15 years against rot and insect infestation. Hardwood (which is invariably never treated) has no such guarantee. Hardwood is also invariably supplied in much thinner section. Most importantly, it is about 4 times more expensive, and if you want it to maintain its’ colour and appearance (like how it looks in the glossy brochure on the internet, be prepared to oil it every 6 to 8 weeks throughout it’s entire life. But yes, if you insist, I’ll build you a deck with hardwood planking.

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