Decks with Steps


By “Decks with steps” I mean decks which have more than one single step. Obviously, they will invariably be raised decks, but many raised decks have some sort of safety rail.


decking-project-northamptonVery large garden deck called “Frank”

With a surface area of around 140 square metres, this is the largest decking project I have undertaken to date. The garden deck is situated in Northamptonshire and has many features, including a hot tub. We couldn’t keep referring to […]

large-raised-deck-wellingboroughLarge Raised Decking Project for Paul and Elizabeth

This was another large and somewhat unusual project situated in Great Doddington near Wellingborough. The customer had an existing raised patio built on four supporting walls to create storage areas beneath. The original patio paving was “tired”, the handrail was […]

raised-deck-northamptonRaised Deck for Lee and Donna – Duston

The brief here was to create a useable decking area immediately outside the rear door of the extension, which as you can see is quite a bit higher than the garden. This deck is situated in Duston, Northampton   The […]

decking-mawsley-villageLarge Raised Deck with Handrails for Matt and Laura

This was an ideal site for decking because of the sloping nature of the garden.     This is one view of the finished decking taken from the upper level. The total area of decking was about 65 square metres […]

deck-on-sloping-siteRaised Decking on Sloping Site for Rob and Anita

A large deck on a very steeply sloping site and incorporating balustrading for safety reasons. Built around existing steps and tree. Continue reading

deck-displayTimber Decking Display for Wooden Supplies

This is the display I built for “Wooden Supplies”, formerly HFS Timber (Harlestone Firs Sawmill). It is a bit of a “mishmash” but it was designed to show people what is possible and to give some ideas. This deck was […]

garden-decking-dentonTimber Decking around Conservatory for Phil and Christine

The brief here was for a decked area to be built around the existing conservatory, with steps down linking it to a second deck to be built over an existing “sunken” paved area. The deck is situated in Denton. It […]


Sometimes decks with steps which extend the full width, can be one way to have a raised deck without having to use handrails. For some people, handrails are not desirable as they can limit access or obstruct the view.  Generally speaking the riser height is fairly important. Too high can make it difficult for the elderly or very young, and too low just makes it easy to trip. However, the tread width (front to back) can be almost anything. Of course, it is easier to climb steps where the width tread is the same on each step, so it is best to keep them symmetrical. Depending on site conditions decks with steps can be gently sloping or steeper, like a staircase.

Usually, I always “clad” the step riser, making it closed rather than open plan. This is because there is rarely an easy means of gaining access to the space below, so objects or small children or pets could get easily get lost.

Hopefully, if you are considering having a deck which need steps, there will be at least one example above, from which you draw inspiration.

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