Decks around Hot Tubs and Pools


As the title suggests, these are all decks which are built around hot tubs or swimming pools (as opposed to purely decorative water features).

Decks around hot tubs can be need to provide a means of quick and easy access for maintenance. The examples below will give you some idea of how I have dealt with this in the past.

deck-around-hot-tub-2How to deck around a hot tub

This is following on from “Frank”, a very large deck which I have posted elsewhere. You can visit “Frank” here.   As you can see, this was a raised deck and I had to find a way to build the […]

deck-around-poolDecking Around Pool for Tim and Lorraine

This deck was built around a kidney shaped swimming pool. It replaced a poorly built deck which had rotted in a very short time. The deck is situated between Boughton and Pitsford.   Here is the pool with the finished […]

002-main-wootton-large-deckingWooden Decking for David and Kay – Wootton

Situated in Wootton, Northampton, this is actually three decks, built on a sloping site (both left to right and also front to back) so they are raised at the front but also split level to keep them as low as […]

hot-tub-steps-1Small Deck Around Hot Tub for Yvonne and Trevor

A small deck, partly built around a hot tub. Access to services is by simply sliding the steps forward. Side access is by removing one deck plank. Continue reading


Decks around hot tubs are fine providing there is some way to get at the drain and pumps or filters which may need servicing. It is generally not necessary to provide easy access to the side panels. However, it should be born in mind that it may be necessary to replace a damaged panel, so access to screws should be possible without destroying the deck. Generally, if everything is screwed and not nailed, with exterior grade screws which won’t rust, then that is sufficient (in my opinion). Access to the drain and serviceable items is required more frequently so, this needs to made easy.

In the above examples, the deck around the hot tub for Dave and Kay did not extend to the front so I didn’t need to do anything here. The deck around Yvonne and Trevor’s tub was low down so it is reasonably easy to access the few screws at the base of the side panel by unscrewing one deck plank. Access to the front is gained simply by lifting the steps out of the way. For “Frank”, it was more of a challenge but still possible as you can see.

One other consideration for both decks around hot tubs and decks around pools, is that the decking planking needs to accurately cut around curves. Hopefully, the above examples will illustrate my ability to deal with that aspect.

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