Jan 192013

This small deck in Grendon was built to make use of an awkward space between a raised lawn and outbuilding. It features a removable front panel for storage.

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  • The wooden posts were incorporated so that some sort of screening panels could be added at a later date for privacy. They are integral parts of the frame support, hence the absence of a safety rail. The wood deck was built with a slight gap, and fall away from the garage, for drainage. An interesting feature, is that the front panel, between the left and center posts, is removable to give access to a storage area beneath the deck.



    This shows the frame, more or less complete. The deck is a free-standing wooden structure and not fixed to the walls in any way. In fact, there is a gap to allow air to circulate to prevent any problems with damp. The top of the frame is level with the garden wall so that the finished planking will over lap and hide the bricks.



    Finally, this shows the site at the start of the project.


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