Jan 192013

This is a large deck on Wootton Fields, covering most of the rear garden, to provide a low maintenance area for entertaining and leisure. Raised beds were incorporated and “stand alone” planters were made from matching decking timber.

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  • The brief here was to provide as large a flat area as possible. However, the whole deck was raised slightly near the conservatory because the site sloped upwards and would have meant that the deck drained towards the house. The alternative would have been to dig out a large volume of soil, which would have needed numerous skips to dispose of it. The “sunken” area is to allow the French doors to open fully.



    This picture, taken from a different angle, shows how the deck was constructed to provide a curved border in the corner.



    From yet a different perspective, this picture shows the raised beds, which were incorporated, and also the “stand alone” planters. Notice also how cut outs have been provided around existing plants and also to allow climbers to be planted by each fence post.



    Here is part of the framing. As ever, this is what takes two thirds of the time and accounts for two thirds of the cost. Note also that, as with all my decks, this is all fixed with stainless steel screws, not a nail in sight, You can also see the weed suppression fabric which is used to prevent grass or weed from growing up through the deck.



    From another angle, this shows the site near the beginning of the project. Prior to construction, the whole area was treated with “Roundup” weed killer.


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