Jan 212013

This was a bit of a challenge. The brief here was to link the upper paved area, with the lower garden, with “fan shaped” steps, turning through an angle of about 70 degrees.

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    Although this was a very small job, it wasn’t as easy as it might look. The corner is about 70 degrees so each step had to turn about 23 degrees. At the same time, the tread depth needed to be equal, but obviously the front to back distance is much greater at the edge near the fence than it is at the front. Furthermore, the step riser heights had to be equal too. The steps were built from decking timber to match the deck which was built at the other end of the pergola. You can view that by clicking this link.



    This picture shows the site before work commenced (I didn’t build the pergola by the way). Jim later laid cobble paving to make a path under the pergola.



    This is the framing, seen from the top. Notice the heavy duty landscaping fabric which I always use to suppress weed growth.

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