Jan 182013

This big decking project in Crick, involved the whole of the rear garden.


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    This is just one corner of the garden. There are actually two decks and seven raised beds. Because of all the mounds of soil, shed and aviary, which had to moved, I have not yet seen the finished result. To give some idea of the scale, the short sides of the rear bed are over 5 metres long. Notice how the beds have been lined with “DPM” to further protect the treated timber.

    The following picture is another view of the work in progress. It shows the second deck and more of the raised beds. Notice the timber “braces” which prevent the sides of these large beds from bowing when filled with soil. This was necessary even though the support post are set into concrete footings, because the sub soil was almost water logged.



    This picture, near the start of the project, shows the framing being built for the first deck.  The frame was designed such that the top surface of the deck would be level with the conservatory doorsills and with a slight fall away from the house for drainage. You can also see some of the piles of soil, which would later fill the raised beds. In the corner of the unfinished frame, you can see how water logged the soil became and the next picture shows how this was deal with.



    This is a close up of part of the frame showing the problems with the water-logged soil. This was dealt with by building the frame on concrete pads. Although the timber is pressure treated, it will still last longer if it is kept clear of standing water like this.



    This picture, taken after heavy overnight rain, shows more of the raised beds. When it is finally finished, the soil in the foreground and under the shed will have been removed and the shed re-positioned in this corner, against these raised beds.


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