Jan 212013

This deck, situated in Wellingborough, was on a slight slope but in a very sunny part of the garden. Raised beds were added at the side for growing a few fresh vegetables and herbs.

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    This is the site at the beginning, after the materials had been delivered. You can see the slope from left to right.



    Most of the framework completed. It was built as low as possible in the far right hand corner but had this level been maintained across the entire width, then it would have been too high on the left. So, a step and lower section were incorporated. The lower part will be the barbecue area. As ever, the site had been treated with weed killer and weed suppression fabric laid under the frame.



    The framing seen from another angle.


    The finished deck seen from the same angle. Because of the sunshine, it has started to dry nicely and lose the initial greenish hue which is caused by the residue from the pressure treating process.



    This shows the raised beds which were added at the sides. The final soil level will be below the gravel boards so will not rot the fence. The beds were lined with damp proof membrane to further prolong their life.

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