Jan 202013

It is difficult to know where to start in describing this deck as it incorporates so many features.

It was built in Billing, partly over an existing paved area, and partly over lawn. The lower section finishes flush with the door sills and “wraps” around the house to the rear utility room, as well as fitting close to an existing, curved, retaining wall made from sleepers. Part of it is raised and it is on three levels. It incorporates a large water feature, sunken planters, handrails, screening panels and more.

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    This is the site prior to commencement.



    And from another angle.


    This shows the water feature positioned (a huge chunk of slate which the customer organised). It was lifted into position with a large crane and set onto previously fixed slabs. This had to be done before starting to build the frame. This was built such that the top surface of the deck would be level with the door sills but with a fall away from the house for drainage. There is also a gap between the frame and house wall to prevent any possibility of damp ingress.



    Taken from another angle, this shows how the deck will “wrap” around the side of the house up to the utility room door.



    The framework more or less completed (a pity it all gets hidden). You can see the rectangular “pond” which will be part of the water feature incorporated into the deck. The Butyl liner was fitted under the slate slab at the beginning.



    Here you can see the start of the planking and how it has been fitted at an angle to the frame and also, how it is fitted around the existing retaining wall made from sleepers.



    Much of the planking is now completed and some of the posts have been fitted for the decorative balustrading. The water feature is more or less complete although not yet fully filled. Looking closely you can see some of the sunken planters which were incorporated into the deck.



    Here is the deck just about finished and from another angle. The strong sunlight and shadows do not show the deck at its best though. However, you can see the decorative balustrading and the bench seats, made from decking timber.



    This is looking back towards the house. From this angle you can see the decorative screens which were added to afford some privacy. It’s a pity I didn’t get to see the water feature “in action” but we were still waiting for the electrician to come and wire up the pump.

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