Jan 222013

A deck built near a stream at the end of a garden. The decking made a place for a table and chairs, to relax and enjoy the tranquility of this delightful spot.

This deck is in Coggenhoe.

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    If you had this at the bottom of your garden, wouldn’t you want a place to site and enjoy it?



    So the first thing to do was build the frame. For this deck, because of the boggy ground, I put in at lot of supports, all set onto concrete.  As ever, the area was sprayed and the ground is covered with heavy duty landscape fabric to suppress weed growth. All timber is tanalised, all cut ends further treated, all fixings are external grade.



    The finished deck from another angle. As with all my decks, the picture was taken as soon as it was finished. It looks better still now that the timber has dried properly and it has lost the pale greenish hue and turned a really nice “honey colour”.



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