Jan 192013

This is another small deck, incorporating an “L” shaped raised area to suit the contours of the site.


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    Here we can see the “L” shaped rased area which was incorporated into the design to suit the contour of the ground beneath. The deck was primarily designed to give a safe, clean area where the children could play, and also somewhere to relax after a hard days work.



    This picture, taken from another angle, shows more of the deck with the framework for the step and the weed suppression fabric beneath.



    This shows the framework more or less finished. Notice how the deck was built around the existing tool store. Note also the gap between the frame and the house wall ensuring that the deck will not cause any problems with damp.



    This shows the site at the beginning of the project. Prior to construction, the area was treated with “Roundup” weed killer and then weed suppression fabric was laid to prevent any re-growth.


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