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My name is Ian Pegg trading as P.E.G. Services. You can use any of the following methods to contact me but the best way is simply to call me on my mobile which is listed below.


By Phone: 07710 767614.

I always have my mobile ‘phone with me. If I happen to be driving, or can’t answer for any other reason, your call will go to my voice mail and I WILL get back to you ASAP.


This works too but be aware that I get 40 to 50 spam emails a day so make sure that you put something in the subject line that indicates that you are interested in decking.

Or directly by filling in the form. (Sometimes this works but often it doesn’t and I’m fed up with trying to fix it.)

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Be aware that I don’t carry a smart ‘phone or tablet because it would get destroyed when I’m building decks. So I only access e-mails when I return home.

Or By Post:
16 Dovecote Drive,