Jan 202013

This is a small deck bordering on the large side, on a gently sloping sight. Located at St Crispins, Northampton, it is a little unusual in that the house was part of a curved terrace and there isn’t a true right angle anywhere.

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  • Small Wooden Decks

    This is the finished deck. The requirement was for a useful area for entertaining but with an “interesting” shape. As ever, the deck has a slight fall away from the house for drainage and there is a gap between the frame and the wall to allow air to circulate.



    The finished deck from a different angle. Note how it is slightly raised at the front because of the slope of the garden. Note also how the decking boards on the front faces have been trimmed to suit the contour of the ground. The dog’s name is “Wizzy” in case you are interested.



    Here you can see the completed frame with the decking partly completed. The front support posts were set into concrete and, as ever, weed suppression fabric was laid beneath the frame.



    This is the site at the start of the project. Marking the area out with “sticks and string” is often a good starting point.

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