Mission & Purpose

The Class & Access Resource Center grounds its purpose in the experiences of first-generation, low-income, transfer, and military-affiliated/veteran students and provides education, advocacy, support, and community-building opportunities for them. We are one of the six resource centers of the Office of Identity and Cultural Resources

Through programmatic initiatives, resources, and services, our mission is to foster personal, social, and academic success for the student populations we serve. We provide space for students to explore social class identities with an intersectional lens and are committed to dismantling classism and class-based oppression. Through our work, we strive to increase access to and through college for students who have been historically excluded from higher education institutions.

The CARC used to be known as the Center for Diversity & Student Leadership (CDSL). After students advocated for a name that was more meaningful and representative, our new name was announced in August 2021.

Events & Programs at the CARC

We offer lots of opportunities for FLI, transfer, and veteran students to connect with each other throughout the year! Educational events, skill-building workshops, social gatherings, and off-campus trips happen regularly. The best way to stay up to date with our ongoing programs is by or signing up for our newsletter (sign up link below). 

Visit the CARC!

We are located in Keefe Campus Center, room 204 (right above the post office). Our lounge area has comfy couches for sitting and catching up with friends or taking a nap between classes. Tucked in a corner are some sofas where you can relax! We also have a table where you can get a few hours of work done or sit down to play board games (choose from our collection!). We also offer free printing and free use of the desktop computer in our center.

In recognition of the financial barriers many of our community members face, we keep our center fully stocked with:

  • Hygiene supplies, such as toothpaste, floss, soap, hair products, menstrual supplies, lotion and more!
  • Academic supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, highlighters, folders, and planners.
  • Laundry detergent. We are one of the few locations on campus that offers free laundry detergent.
  • And of course, snacks! If you need a pick me up between meals, or on those days you don't have time to make it to Val, swing by the CARC to choose from a variety of snacks and meal replacement options (soup, oatmeal, ramen, chips, candy, trail mix, granola bars and more). Be sure to check the fridge for cold drinks and perishable food (like string cheese or popsicles).
view of center from entrance. Square white table with chairs. Computer desk. Tall windows looking into Keefe. Shelves with coffee, products, and snacks.
View of inside the center. Two orange sofas facing each other. hanging potted plants. Christmas lights. Sunlight streaming over bookcase.